The product security of the primary production is guaranteed at farms included in the Quality Assurance

Promotes Zero Tolerance of Salmonella

Monitoring salmonella in accordance with the Sikava quality system and its program for the Quality Assurance farms meet higher standards than the legislation requires. In addition, the feed must be acquired from companies included in ETT ra’s Positive listing. In accordance with the statutes of the listing the farms act on a voluntary basis in order to control the risk of salmonella. Finland has a national program for controlling salmonella and within the EU Finland has special rights  to require salmonella certificates for meat of foreign origin. ETT ra also requires testing for imported animals. Salmonella is a disease which is combatted on national level through of Sikava. Clinical symptoms are monitored during every health care visit to Quality Assurance farms. Every farm that becomes member in Sikava is tested for salmonella. A farm breeding pigs gives a sample every five years or more often, in case it is needed. ETT ra’s directives are followed on the farms in order to prevent salmonella.

A Comprehensive Pre-Emptive Program against Animal Diseases

The Quality Assurance requires elimination of diseases that are frequent in other countries but are not combatted against by our national authorities. Animal diseases are combatted against pre-emptively at Quality Assurance farms. Additionally, animal diseases are monitored and examined in accordance with the Sikava directives. Exceptions are treated with the required remedies, through this, decontamination and the spreading of the disease is prevented. The health inspection form lists diseases that are contagious among pigs. These are monitored during health care visits and classified on a scale ”Does not appear”, ”Suspected” and ”Confirmed”. Diseases are classified in accordance with how serious the case is and how easily it spreads. By means of Sikava, slaughterhouses can direct animal transports in order to eliminate the risk of spreading the disease spreading. E.g. mycoplasma in pigs has totally been extinguished in Finland.

Minimising Medicaments And Medicine Control

The use of medicines on Quality Assurance farms conforms with the Sikava health care plan. Medicaments are registered in the system so that e.g. the slaughterhouses can monitor the use of medicines on the farms where the meat comes from. Medicines are only used to treat diseases which have been confirmed by a veterinarian. Only the contaminated animals are treated with these medicines. Antibiotics will be used only when it is necessary and confirmed by a veterinarian.

Additional Information from The Farms Promote Traceability

The Quality Assurance also provides additional information as for traceability. The farms are Sikava contract farms. The system actively monitors classification of the farm in real time and reacts on deviations. If the farm does not e.g. meet the national requirements, its classification is lowered to Base level from the Sikava’s National level. The meat companies know which farms have made deliveries to which batch. Occasional anomalies may be overseen at the farms and any retirements may be limited to those batches/products that contain meat ingredients from the farm with an anomaly.

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