A National Quality System

The Quality Assurance program is based on the Sikava health care system by ETT ra. Sikava has been given the status of a National quality system on July 12, 2013 by the Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira. Meat production can reach that status when animal well-being, animal health, or national health criteria are much higher than legislation requires. The Quality Assurance reaches higher criteria than the required for animal health and meat product security.

The Sikava system allows the farm, industry, and veterinarians to access the same information. This implies controlled functions based on the preliminary plan by both the actor and controls by an outsider - a neutral actor. Sikava complies with the criteria on a national quality system, EU directive 1974/2006.

A Certified Quality System

Sikava is a certified quality system in accordance with ISO9001. The certification is authorised and verified by Bureau Veritas. Certification authorises and verifies the special promises with higher criteria than legislation requires as for animal life regarding animal health and meat product safety. Sikava is the basis for the Quality Assurance that requires regular veterinarian visits about 3-4 times annually conform with the program in Sikava.

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