Animal Health among The Best in The World

This system covers over 7.000 annual health care visits.

The Quality Assurance is based on the voluntary health care program for pigs as well as the farm health care classification Sikava. Sikava is a web-based health care control system under ETT ra. Sikava monitors how the health care program is realised on Quality Assurance farms, and how the health classification is accomplished on farms. Sikava also provides information about current issues. Through signing a contract with a veterinarian, farms become a member of Sikava.  The veterinarian makes the required health care visits which then are registered in Sikava. It is guaranteed, that there isn’t any salmonella serotypes in Quality Assurance farms.  In 2012, over 7.000 health care visits were made to Sikava affiliated farms. In addition, the meat producer commits to follow ETT ra’s directives on e.g. animal imports and acquiring feed.

A Minimum of Three Annual Health Care Visits on Sikava Farms

The health care veterinarian makes at least four annual visits to pig breeding farms and one visit at (meat producing) farms per breeding batch. The system includes a health care plan that is updated yearly. This plan covers disease protection, medicine usage, vaccinations and instructions on taking required tests. It also monitors the most central issues regarding health - well-being and production.

Thee Health Care Visit Includes A List of 158 Items

During the visit, the health care veterinarian observes the circumstances and routines at the Quality Assurance farms and the health and well-being of the animals. The list includes 158 items for a pig-breeding farm and 60 items for a meat-producing farm. The health care veterinarian or the Sikava authority enters the notes into the system. ETT ra, the meat factories and the veterinarians thus have the information on occasional anomalies at farms and can then take the necessary measures.

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